Your Private Label Specialist

About Us

Carmit was founded in 1973 as a family business. The company, publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1994, has grown to become a beloved food brand that is trusted by consumers around the world with various food sensitivities.


We have over 10 years’ experience and a proven track record as a gluten free food supplier to the most demanding consumer markets of North American, Europe and Australia. Leading supermarkets around the world rely on Carmit as their gluten free manufacturer of choice.


Free From Worry

We believe that the popularity of free from foods is about making life easier for those around us who prefer or need to avoid certain ingredients that upset them, physically or morally. Celiacs, diabetics, vegans and those with food allergies need no longer feel socially ostracized and hungry, now that mainstream stores carry extensive ranges of free from foods that meet their needs.


Customers who choose Carmit products, and companies that choose to partner with us as their private label manufacturer, appreciate our dedication to quality control. They know that we keep our production lines clean and our ingredients pure and uncontaminated. Certifications from leading quality assurance organizations confirm what can be easily observed in our manufacturing facility: we take allergies seriously.


Private Label Candy Choices

Always looking for the healthier alternative, Carmit has developed new chocolate recipes that are dairy free and contain no added sugar. This has positioned us as the private label candy manufacturers of choice to many companies who are looking for healthy confectionery products..


Carmit is dedicated to manufacturing the best and tastiest healthy and allergy-free snack and confectionary products. Come partner with us today!