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Carmit Candy launches  pea-protein snack

The pea-protein fortified gluten-free wafer snack bar is designed for "the consumer who wants to curb hunger, add a much needed dose of protein to his/her diet and still enjoy a tasty, guilt-free snack within a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle," said the firm.
Each wafer bar provides 10% of the recommended daily protein intake.


"We chose pea protein over other, more common protein sources such as whey or soy because of its full amino-acid profile; the rise of veganism and demand for vegan and vegetarian products; and, most importantly, because of the non-allergenic properties of peas," said Steve Grun, CEO of Carmit.


"In addition to the protein itself, we believe the carrier-in this case, a gluten- and egg-free wafer bar, is a novel and exciting way to deliver a healthy dose of protein."


Adrian Sagman, VP of international sales and marketing at Carmit said: "The primary challenge in developing this wafer bar was making sure the product tastes great. That's not always easy when working with pea protein, as it tends to have a dominant flavor and a high viscosity. To counterbalance the pea flavor, a 60% dark chocolate coating was employed. This masks any perceived off flavors of the protein, without eliminating completely the favourable flavor attributes.


The bars are being offered as private-label products to retailers, supplement makers and confectionery manufacturers.


Carmit produces gluten free, dairy free and fortified confectionery and bakery products. It also manufactures and markets products to North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim.




By Hannah Abdulla | 30 April 2014

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