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Gluten-free chocolate clusters

“Our new line of gluten-free clusters targets the mainstream market and the specific niches of people suffering from celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and those following a gluten-free lifestyle,” said Steve Grun, CEO of Carmit. “This has been a strong focus for Carmit over the past decade.”

Gluten-free chocolate peanuts Clusters

Global confectionery launches with a ‘gluten-free’ positioning increased by 46% in 2013 (from 2012) according to Innova Database. While this indicates significant growth in gluten-free claims, gluten-free product launch activity is still relatively niche for confectionery. Only 7% of confectionery product launches tracked in 2013 filled such positioning.

“We launched the line regionally and gained rapid success in food chains and health food stores, culminating in winning the prestigious ‘Product of the Year Award’ this week,” said Adrian Sagman, VP of export marketing and sales for Carmit.