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Gluten Free Clusters

You can never have enough gluten free candy, particularly if you are looking for healthy and nutritious options for delicious gluten free snacks. Carmit’s chocolate clusters are scrumptious mouthfuls of rich milk chocolate wrapped around gluten-free cornflakes or rice crisps with the addition of crunchy nut pieces or succulent raisins.



Our Cluster treats are bursting with flavorful combinations of gluten-free cereals and dried fruits or nuts, covered in Carmit’s favorite milk chocolate.  Choose from our milk chocolate and rice crisps clusters with added peanuts or hazelnuts, or the white chocolate version containing rice crisps and coconut flakes. For a breakfast-style chocolate snack, you may prefer our milk chocolate & honey- coated cornflakes clusters or our milk chocolate cornflakes clusters with raisins. All of these combinations have been taste-tested and declared irresistible!


Cluster Energy Packs

Packages of Carmit Clusters are flying off the shelves! Each “on the go” package contains 55g or 100g of gluten free cluster snacks. They are designed as handy pocket-sized gluten free chocolate treats, with each package containing just the right balance of nuts or fruit, flakes or crisps, and energizing chocolate to fill the gaps between meals.

Who can resist the perfect combination of fruit, cereal and chocolate? Talk to us today about adding Carmit’s gluten free cluster treats to your range.


A 55g bag of Carmit Clusters contains 10 mouthfuls of delicious nutritious gluten free indulgence, made from a mixture of chocolate, gluten free cereals and other scrumptious natural ingredients. A 100g bag of Clusters contains almost 20 treats. They are all GMO free and gluten free, and made with no artificial flavorings or colorings, no trans fats and no preservatives. Clusters are also available in no added sugar versions.

Choose Your Cluster Snack: Milk Chocolate Cornflakes & Raisins, Milk Chocolate & Honey Coated Cornflakes, Milk Chocolate, Peanuts & Rice Crisps, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut & Rice Crisps, White Chocolate, and Coconut & Rice Crisps.

Packaging Options
Description Weight Unit per Case Cases per Pallets
Clusters 55g 12 120
Clusters 100g 16 96