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No Added Sugar Clusters

How can you make the perfect sweet snack without adding sugar? Carmit has spent many years developing its range of no added sugar Clusters, using its premium sugar free milk chocolate and selecting top quality gluten free ingredients to make the ideal sugar free snack.
Nature’s Best Ingredients
By choosing nutritious ingredients, we have harnessed the best that nature has to offer for diabetic and sugar free consumers. Nutritious hazelnut pieces and succulent flakes of dried coconut are combined with crunchy rice crisps and quinoa puffs. Each cluster recipe is configured to give the right energy boost. Each is the perfect blend of crispy, chewy and sweet, but without adding sugar to the mix.


Choose Your Cluster Snacks

  • Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut & Rice Crisps Clusters
  • Milk Chocolate, Coconut, Quinoa Puffs & Rice Crisps Clusters

No added sugar Clusters are ideal snacks for kids and adults with diabetes and/or gluten allergies. As with all of Carmit’s sugar free snack products, we are careful not to add any preservatives, flavorings or colorings. We do our best to keep our confectionary as pure and natural as possible and avoid GMO ingredients.


Our 55g and 100g cluster packs are ideal for snacking on the go, making them popular with diabetic consumers and others who need to pack a naturally tasty energy boosting treat in their bags. Which clusters will you choose to add to your brand?

Packaging Options
Description Weight Unit per Case Cases per Pallets
Clusters 55g 12 120
Clusters 100g 16 96