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Vegan Chocolate Bars

If you are looking for high quality vegan chocolate, you need look no further. Carmit has spent a decade perfecting its dairy free milk-style chocolate recipe. It’s so good that discerning vegan consumers may have to check the label twice to make sure that it contains no milk products! Because our factory is egg free, our unique recipe is good for vegans and those with milk allergies and lactose sensitivities, as well as being gluten free. In fact, our chocolate bars will keep every chocoholic happy, whatever their sensitivity.



Family Chocolate Bar or Chocolate Snack Bars?

Carmit manufactures family size and snack size bars of white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk-style chocolate, with inclusions like rice crips and almonds, and all without animal derived products. We could say that our vegan chocolate bar is ideal for all the family, but individuals may not want to share their 85g or 100g tablet! Alternatively they may prefer our 35g vegan chocolate snack bar, which they can stash safely in their own purse or lunch box, away from jealous fingers.

Check out our choice of vegan chocolate snack bars and vegan chocolate tablets in different chocolate flavors, and order enough to keep all your customers happy!

Flavors available are: dark, milk-style, white, orange, mint, rice crisps, almonds and many more.


Packaging Options
Description Weight Units per Case Cases per Pallets
Chocolate Bars 85g / 100g 24 294
Mini Chocolate Bars 35g 36 720