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No Added Sugar Wafers

Avoiding sugar does not mean that you cannot eat candy or other sweet and tasty treats. Nor do you need to compromise on taste. As a leading sugar free candy manufacturer, Carmit’s food technologists have developed a complete range of sugar free snacks that are bursting with energy and also taste delicious. In fact, they are so good that many people will not believe that these are sugar free products – they will want to check the label again to make sure that they contain no added sugar!
When we say that our products contain no added sugar, or describe them as sugar free, we guarantee that they contain no sugar ingredients beyond the lactose which occurs naturally in milk and other natural ingredients.

Candy for Diabetics

Over the past decade, Carmit has earned the trust of people with diabetes and we continue to develop new sugar free candy products to suit their requirements. We have noticed a trend toward the consumption of no added sugar confectionery, because today’s sugar conscious consumers are not just diabetics and friends and relatives of diabetics, but an increasing number of people who are looking for healthier snack options with less sugar.


Cutting Out Sugar

Consumers around the world who want to reduce their sugar consumption recognize the advantages of snacking on our tasty no added sugar wafers.  They know that Carmit never uses artificial preservatives, colorings, flavorings or additives in our products. Also, all of our sugar free snacks and candy products are gluten free and contain no added sugar.

If you are looking for a tried and trusted sugar free candy supplier, look no further. Carmit has an entire range of no added sugar private label products for your brand. Talk to us today.


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