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Dairy Free Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Treats Without Milk

How can you tell a lactose intolerant child that they cannot eat chocolate? With Carmit’s dairy free chocolate treats you never have to! Carmit produces a range of  chocolate bars – family size and snack size – and bags of adorable chocolate coins, so that kids with milk allergies never have to miss out.

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Carmit offers mini chocolate bars of white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk-style chocolate. They are all dairy free, GMO free and gluten free, and made with no artificial flavorings or colorings and no preservatives. At 35g each, these bars provide a substantial chocolate treat for anyone looking for dairy free, gluten free, delicious chocolate.

Triple Chocolate Flavors

Chocoholics who are sensitive to dairy ingredients or who cannot tolerate lactose, no longer have to settle for always eating dark chocolate. Now that Carmit has perfected its creamy milk-style dairy free chocolate and its no-milk white chocolate recipes, they can indulge in every type of chocolate without upset.

Choose between our 85g or 100g dairy free chocolate tablets or our 35g dairy free chocolate snack bars, and we will brand them with your private label.

Flavors available are: dark, milk-style, white, orange, mint, rice crisps, almonds and many more.


Packaging Options
Description Weight Units per Case Cases per Pallets
Chocolate Bars 85g / 100g 24 294
Mini Chocolate Bars 35g 36 720