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Gluten Free Candy and Snacks manufacturer

The increasing popularity of gluten free snacks is not news for Carmit. We have been manufacturing and supplying delicious gluten free candy, wafers and confectionery for over 10 years, and we have seen a rapid increase in demand around the world for our products.

Safe Snacks for Celiacs

Carmit’s gluten free products are produced in a gluten free environment, so that consumers who are celiac or sensitive to wheat and other grain products know that our snacks are safe to eat and enjoy. Our facility is Gluten Free certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization  (GFCO) and our quality procedures are regularly checked and inspected, so consumers need have no fear of contamination.

We are pioneer manufacturers in the “free from” market and in some jurisdictions our products are labeled as wheat free as well as gluten free.We are certified GMO free, and we are careful to check every ingredient carefully, using only natural colorings and flavorings and no preservatives in our products.