Carmit’s vegan products are full of surprising taste – due to an exclusive formula, they are exceptionally creamy and tasty.
Made from genuine cocoa beans and other 100% natural plant-based ingredients, Carmit’s vegan products will reward that sweet tooth with a vengeance. Browse with no compunction, as products are certified by the Vegan Friendly Association.

Vegan Chocolate

Vegan 70% Cocoa Solids

Vegan 85% Cocoa Solids

No Add Sugar
70% Cocoa Solids
Vegan 45% Cocoa Solids

Vegan Chocolate Buttons

Vegan Dark Chocolate Chips

Vegan Holiday Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate Coins

Vegan Wafers

Vegan Coated Wafers

Vegan Coated Wafer Bars

Vegan Crispy Wafer

Vegan Wafer Rolls

Vegan Crispy Wafer Rolls

Vegan Coated Wafer Rolls