Who We Are

Carmit is a leading international confectionary company that develops, manufactures and markets chocolate, pastry and granola products specifically tailored for manufacturers, retailers and consumers who seek high quality, healthy, delicious and kosher confections, candy and snacks.
Our leading Private Label categories include: · No added dairy chocolates, no egg Marshmallows, gluten-free wafers, cookies and snacks, and more, with an option for organic production.

Our Story

Carmit’s story begins over 50 years ago.
Lenny, a young lawyer from South Africa with a great love of machinery and the manufacturing industry, together with his friend, Lawrence, a food technologist, dreamed of setting up a unique candy factory in Israel.
Their vision and dream took shape as they bought equipment for the production of chocolate, waffles, marshmallows and candies. Inspired, undeterred and with great imagination and creativity, they begin to produce wonderful and high-quality sweets for the children of Israel.
Over the years they gained great experience, knowledge and success, children even called their wonderful products “Lenny’s magic candy”.
We call it Carmit Candy Industries.

With the increasing global demand for healthier sweets, vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free products, Carmit began to export a delicious and healthy range of candies, confectionary and snacks around the world, expanding its lines to include granola and becoming a producer of allergen-free and sugar-free delightful sweets. The added challenge of producing healthy products makes our work all the sweeter.

Our Unique Proposition

15+ years of experience and proven knowledge in producing delicious vegan, allergen-free and sugar-reduced products for every consumer need and taste.

Highest-quality control standards and technologically advanced manufacturing facilities

Small enough to be big on versatility to meet multiple wellness needs and taste preferences of our customers (including coating, filling, etc.).

Unique cross-allergen capabilities. Customers can, for instance, choose vegan-kosher or any other combination.

Capability to respond, promptly & efficiently, to customers specs and changes.
Quick and efficient, short lead times and short TTM of new products.

Wide-range of packaging capabilities, including custom-designed packaging

Company Profile

Carmit is an in-house one-stop shop, including food technologists, production, quality assessment, and design all under one roof. Its technologically advanced good-for-you confectionery factory spreads over 15,000 square meters and houses dedicated allergen-free production lines. Carmit has two additional large factories, at other locations, producing traditional confectionery.



GFCO certified

NON GMO Certified & Non Project®

Organic by request

Member of the
 Vegan Association

Providing all Kosher certifications, including Badaz, Cholev Israel

Our satisfied customers include prime movers of the food industry for which we often provide private label products, one of which received a Whole Foods Award. We also develop and supply products and Inclusions to ice cream and bakery conglomerates.