Kosher for Holidays and Everyday

Carmit offers custom-made sweets and packages for any holiday.

Before Carmit became a good-for-you confectionery producer 15 years ago, it was already making kosher snacks using premium quality chocolate and ingredients under the strictest global and kashrut standards.

And the snacks are just getting better – today you can choose from a wide variety of coatings and fillings and also order gluten-free, no-added-sugar, vegan and (of course) dairy-free kosher snacks.

So whether it’s high-quality chocolate coins for Hannukah (“What is that possible?” Israelis gasp, thinking of the common chocolate coins that they know so well), kosher-for-Passover snacks, or just sweets for the every day–- you enjoy divine taste that is indeed divine.

Each of our product types has a wide variety of packaging options: Cylinders, stand-up pouches, laminated boxes….We believe variety makes our customers – and yours – happy.

Gluten Free

No Added Sugar

Grains & Seeds